We thoroughly verify each network participant to ensure transparency, safety, and real-world conservation efforts when trading valuable assets on a global scale.


We provide the necessary tools to assist you in building trustworthy relationships with clients and partners within the network, through access to reliable market data and immutable proof of existence for assets.


We offer a secure transactional hub where you can select your partners to meet the needs of the modern merchant, whether it be financial, legal or logistics services, you will find it on our platform.


Connect All The Dots In One Platform

  • Transactions: manage payments, inventories, logistics, insurance, and finance, as well as access to a network of service suppliers.
  • Market Data: access to reliable, up-to-date information on global commodity markets.
  • Traceability: track the movement of containers, vessels, and trucks carrying your products.
  • Sustainability: connect with environmental certification agencies and carbon market enablers to promote your sustainable practices.

Trade With Full Control & Traceability Of Your Assets



tokenize assets and provide a reliable and transparent representation of ownership of your products on a blockchain infrastructure.


establish transparent relationships with sellers, buyers, logistics providers, insurance agencies, and financial institutions.


use crypto or fiat currency to purchase from suppliers and pay for services within the network, with access to real-time commodity market data.


maintain full traceability of your products through our logistics partners or by choosing your own, with the option to integrate IoT device data and external sources.

Sustainable Verified Businesses

We prioritize sustainability by first improving the financial well-being of our customers, and then by monitoring their progress in reducing carbon emissions.

IoT Integration

Our platform integrates data from multiple sources into the blockchain for each asset, providing access to information on farming operations and transportation status.

Certification Agencies

We connect businesses with experts to help them achieve higher product standards, plant more trees or certify their current sustainability practices.

Carbon Mitigation

Reducing a significant portion of the 13 billion tons of CO2 produced annually by supply chains is our ultimate goal. Measuring it all in real-time data is the first step towards achieving this.

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