Trade physical commodities from sustainable verified
sources, with cryptography grade agreements, low-cost
transactions, and real-time information about everything

  • About your product

    To register a product, you must initially enter information about
    your product such as type, capacity and port date.

  • Select a certificate

    If you have sustainability certificates select as
    many of them as you have, this will help buyers to know your sustainable practices
    otherwise don't worry you will be able to add them once you have them.

  • Additional information

    Once you have selected your certificates, complete the rest of the
    information about your product, you need to fill in the mandatory
    fields to create a contract with your buyers.

  • Upload certificate

    You are about to create your product, if you selected one or more
    sustainability certificates you must upload them in this session
    and once created the product will be reviewed by our Bazaar
    team, otherwise you can create your product without certificates
    and they will go to your list to be published and visible.