Trade physical commodities from sustainable verified
sources, with cryptography grade agreements, low-cost
transactions, and real-time information about everything

  • Basic information

    To register in the system and start using bazar first fill out your
    personal information, it is important that you indicate a phone
    number so that other users who are interested can contact you
    easily, do not worry this information is not mandatory.

  • User type

    Once you fill out some initial data it is important that you select
    the type of profile you want to create between seller or buyer, as
    this will enable different functionalities within the platform.

  • Password and conditions

    To continue it is important that you set your password with the
    rules indicated in this step and accept the terms and conditions
    of our platform, do not worry you can see them in detail by
    clicking on the link

  • Data confirmation

    Your security is very important to us, so once you create your
    account you must confirm your phone number through a code
    sent by sms and your email through the link sent to it and that's it,
    your initial registration is complete!

  • Select your avatar

    Once you have verified your number and email address you will
    be able to login to the platform, the first time you login you can
    select the avatar you want to represent you and tell us a little bit
    more about your company.

  • Create company

    We love to know a little more about you, so
    in this session you should tell us a little
    more about your company, this in order to
    generate a network of trust among our
    users and to know the origin and
    destination of the products.

  • Upload documents

    Finally, you will have to share with us some documents that will
    allow us to make sure that all the data is valid and up to date.

  • Congratulations

    Congratulations you have completed all your registration, now
    everything will be reviewed by someone from our team, do not
    worry this process does not take long and you can make use of
    other features.